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Will the court work around my schedule in a family law case?

No. The courts will not work the court dates around your schedule. One of the things I tell my clients to prepare for is losing vacation days. You will have to take time off work. Your work likely doesn't have vacation days for this particular purpose. There are a few that do, but most do not. If you schedule a vacation, get insurance on it so that you can move your dates around. Also, it is probably best not to take a vacation if you can. If you have limited days off, don't make it so that you have to take unpaid days or so that potentially you could get fired.

Why it is important to hire someone who practices Family Law for a Family Law case

There are a few reasons why it is important to hire someone who practices family law for a family law case. I know that a lot of people rely on their social network of friends and family to get a lawyer. I know a lot of people feel more comfortable with this. If you find an attorney you are comfortable with, that is great. That's important. However, if that attorney doesn't practice certain family law the majority of the time, they probably won't be able to spot all of the issues in your case that need to be addressed as well as they might otherwise have.

Why is it important to "fix" or "take care of" a traffic ticket?

It is important to get an attorney to take care of a simple ticket like speeding or improper driving because if you do not have an attorney handle the ticket, you will get points on your license. These points are going to be visible on your record for multiple years to come. Insurance companies can see these points. They will increase your insurance rate accordingly. The price of hiring an attorney to handle the ticket (between $75 and $150 usually) will vastly be outweighed by the extra money you pay in insurance over the next few years that this offense shows on your driving record in almost every case. This is because in many cases, an attorney can compromise for you so that no points (beyond what you already have) appear on your license. You will likely have to pay a fine as well as the attorney fee the fine is typically similar to what you would have paid for the ticket in the first place, so that comes out to no loss or gain. 

Where Does Our Firm Serve?

The Faulstich Law Firm: Serving the following areas:St. Louis City, St. Louis County(Affton, Ballwin, Bellefontaine Neighbors, Beverly Hills, Blackjack, Breckenridge Hills, Bridgeton, Brentwood, Chesterfield, Clayton, Crestwood, Creve Coeur, Des Peres, Ellisville, Earth City, Eureka, Hazelwood, Fenton, Florissant, Jennings, Kirkwood, Ladue, Maplewood, Maryland Heights, Manchester, Normandy, Northwoods, Olivette, Oakville, Overland, Pacific, Pagedale, Pine Lawn, Richmond Heights, Rock Hill, St.

What is the Timeline for a Divorce?

The length of the process of a divorce can vary quite a bit. The single most indicative factor for timeline purposes is the amount of conflict or agreement you and your soon to be ex-spouse have. If you can agree on most things, the divorce may only take a few months. A realistic expectation for a relatively disagreement-free divorce would be about six months for most people.
                This estimation starts from the time of your initial consultation to the time that your divorce is final.

What is Limited Scope Representation and who can benefit from Limited Scope Representation?

Limited Scope Representation is a way to make legal representation more affordable for people who may not be able to afford full legal representation, but might be helped by a partial representation nonetheless. While there are definite advantages to hiring an attorney to handle the entire case, sometimes litigants might choose to try to self-represent because of financial concerns. Considering the complexities of the law, there are likely spots where the self-represented litigant could use some help understanding terminology, repercussions and strategy.

Have a Burning Legal Question?

Do you have a question you think would be a great topic for this blog? Let me know! My e-mail is Keep in mind that every situation is unique, but general questions are most helpful for most readers. This will also preserve your anonymity. If you are not sure if your question will work, that is fine. Send it anyway. I will do my best to answer the question in a way that preserves anonymity and is helpful to other readers as well.

If your question is very specific, and you are seeking representation, you may also call or e-mail to schedule a consultation (which I will discount for you if you mention that you are one of my blog readers :D). 

Mission Statement

Author: Alexandra R. Faulstich, Attorney at Law
Editor: Lisa D. Faulstich, Attorney at Law

MISSION STATEMENT:  The purpose of this blog is to discuss issues within family law and issues that are tangentially related. I hope that this blog will provide some piece of mind and take out some of the “what ifs” hanging over your head while you consider a divorce or one of the other topics that I cover here. This blog will cover topics that are interwoven into the fabric of family law and divorce. For instance, bankruptcy and some criminal issues crop up in a number of divorces.  At times I will also discuss Probate and Estate Planning, as these are other major parts of our family law practice. Even workers compensation and intellectual property can come into play here as sometimes this is an asset in the divorce.
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